Planning out your financial life and goals can be really challenging especially if your knowledge is limited. Having a financial expert in your corner, cheering for you and guiding your through the way can be a game changer. 


Financial advisors and Money Coaches both can help you in this situation but their style of working is completely different. A Financial Advisor approaches this guidance externally by working on outside factors focusing on your investments, debt, insurance, portfolio etc. On the other hand, A Money Coach would work on your internal mindset & wellness around money, study your behavior patterns and guide you around it.

But, who is a money coach and what does she do?

Money Coach, (as in my case CMC) is a trained financial behavior coach who works with you on your internal money issues. They do not start by analyzing your income, assets or savings but with your money patterns, value systems, your future goals and desired results. A money coach can help you with:

    • Developing wellness around money by understanding the reasons behind your anxiety, subconscious behaviors and mind blocks around money
    • Uncover strategies to capitalize more on your strengths and help you build your financial knowledge and confidence
    • Strategize with you and create a road map for lasting change and maximize your financial potential
    • Handhold you and hold you accountable over a period of time to help make long lasting pattern shifts around your finances

When to use a Money Coach?

  • If you need help to create a financial budget, manage your cash flows & start investing mindfully
  • Manage your money holistically and not take any short cuts
  • If you are overwhelmed in your current financial situation and need more clarity & confidence
  • To understand why you do what you do around money
  • To become empowered by building your financial knowledge

Financial Advisers and Money Coaches can generally work hand in hand to guide you through your roadblocks and create mindful portfolios for you. If you are looking for both then it is suggested to work with a Money Coach first which can help you get into a positive mindset with money, turnaround money road blocks and set up logical and mindful future targets which can then be attained through financial advisory.

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