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Money decisions can bring about feelings of nervousness and worry. We are here with a mission to form a community of individuals who are mindful of such decisions. Mindful Money Tribe believes that money related issues should never hold you back in life, rather money should set you free and we aim to target that by using behavioral money coaching coupled with efficient practical tools to enhance your knowledge regarding your individual money behaviour and equip you with financial literacy which is jargon free and easy to understand. When you build your wealth with a positive money mindset and reach your financial life goals, we hope to be by your side to support you at each step!

Mindful Money Tribe

Who is Palka

As a financial expert for more than 13 years, I am on a mission to help people gain confidence and knowledge around their financial decisions. I believe in the transformational power of good money habits. I have the vision to create a community of mindful people who develop a positive money mindset, gain confidence around money, and in turn create a very successful financial life for themselves. I am here to coach you & make your life financially better!

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"It is never easy to talk about money, but being in the financial industry myself i have always worked around people's money but i had no idea that behavior plays such a big part in our money decisions. Working with Palka has been an eye opener as far as aligning my money decisions with my future self is concerned. She was able to make me see the 'not for me' choices that i have been making over the years and how i should be aligning my finances based on my life goals."

Andrea, Hong Kong

"Palka has given me the confidence that i needed at this stage in my life. I did not know anything about money coaching before i met her, but i now understand it's more about our habits & mindset than it is our decisions. She has been able to help me align with my future financial goals and i have now started working on them"

Harvind, India

"With Palka it was easy enough to understand my behavior around money. The exercises that she worked on with me helped me to reflect on what i was doing with my money and why was i taking or not taking those decisions & why i couldnt get into those good money habits. We worked on small steps that i needed to refine my money habits and i am all set to make changes in my financial management"

Supriya, Hong Kong

"With Mindful Money Tribe's packages i have been able to understand my mindset and i am not running away from financial jargons anymore. Palka has given me that confidence that i can build a smart portfolio and it is quite easy."

Lee, Hong Kong


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