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We all got to start somewhere with our relationship with money. With my experience in financial markets and working in different teams & countries, I realized that most people still don’t understand financial jargons and do not have the confidence around money. From my experience with clients, I realized that they constantly struggle with keeping up with their financial decisions. This had little to do with planning out their portfolios but more about good money habits and a positive money mindset that is key to one’s financial success & wealth creation. That is how the idea of a ‘Mindful Money Tribe’ was born. With continuous support around one’s financial patterns & behaviour, it is definite that one can change their financial future. At Mindful Money Tribe, I aim to create a holistic approach around how to handle money & gain confidence with easy access to financial literacy.

Palka Chopra
Palka Chopra


Palka holds a Masters in Finance & Investments and Masters Diploma in International Business. Translating complex financial jargon into easy & understandable ideas is what she is best at! With Palka, you can count on unbiased, well-thought-out, target-based money coaching.


A Certified Money Coach (CMC) with over 13 years of experience in the financial industry, Palka brings a distinctive blend of financial experience, psychological nuances, and spiritual consciousness to her work, offering a professional and compassionate approach to mastering the art of handling your money. Her passion has always been about making financial services & concepts accessible to all.

My Money Story

Being an independent thinker, I have always looked up to financial freedom as a strong feeling of empowerment. Having a good understanding of people and their behavior always gave me an edge throughout my growing & working years. It was not until I moved to Hong Kong in 2013 that I started understanding the behavioral aspects of money. That’s also when I began to analyze and fix my behavior with money, including my binge habits like shopping for designer bags which brought about a sense of guilt! Stressful times when excessive shopping seemed like a perfect therapy or an escapade in itself, I soon realized that the joy derived from such an endeavour is transient and momentary in nature.
These realizations led me to adopt better habits while understanding their roots. Research shows that retail therapy comes second only to binging on food when it comes to stress addictions. Around this time, I also started seeing clients and friends who would work hard, make an investment portfolio, do all their homework but never stick to healthy money practices, and give up on their financial planning. Having more or less money was not the real issue, but the emotional mess around money like shame, stress, worth & confidence were the core problems. Money becomes the higher power in many people’s lives, and I have seen people work for decades to earn more and more money, but in the end, it is still not enough. I have had clients who have been millionaires but still don’t feel worthy, friends who’ve married into the rich but feel so much shame and stress about their future. Ultimately, it all boils down to facing your money issues.
Making a fundamental change in our lives comes first with working on ourselves and then looking for external answers.
So, here is the idea of building up a TRIBE that is confident with money & their money habits; people who challenge themselves to be wise around money!!

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