Why Money Coaching

Money coaching is a holistic approach towards developing your financial abilities. If you have ignored your finances, don’t know where your money goes, struggle to stick to your financial plans and goals, then you’ve come to the right place. We at Mindful Money Tribe start by working on your internal struggles around money; bring things into perspective so you can view them properly and reflect more accurately. Adept you with the confidence required and move onto the practical steps needed to transform your financial journey to attain complete Financial Empowerment & Freedom. As a coach in any other field, be it sports or life, a money coach empowers you with financial knowledge, helps you create suitable financial habits, and encourages you to power through your financial journey and perform your best.

Reasons for Coaching

Work towards a positive money mindset, change your money story and become financially empowered

Know more about basics of finance and plan your finances accordingly

Set goals and targets, take action and work towards a safer future

Our Mission

We at Mindful Money Tribe believe everyone has the power to achieve their dreams, no matter what their income. A holistic approach towards wealth is very important which should emphasize on emotional, spiritual, physical & financial well-being. It’s important to understand your internalities around money before you plan around money externally. The mission is to create a community with positive money mindset and smart habits around money.

Who Needs it

The ones who are not sure about their financial plans, clueless about how much to save or invest.

For the ones who want to feel financially empowered and develop a sense of financial freedom in their lives & achieve their money goals.

Those who experience guilt, shame & other negative emotions around money, making it difficult to identify and work upon habits that are holding them back from achieving their true potential.

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